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Pat Watters, far left. Courtesy Glenda Waters The Library of America presents: Reporting Civil Rights 1941-1973 Stokeley Carmichael and Michael Thelwell (1969 or 1970) courtesy Michael Thelwell
Gilbert Moore, Peter de Lissovoy, William Bradford Huie
Justice Department spokesman Ed Guthmann briefing reporters at Ole Miss, December 1962. Courtesy Christopher Wren

This site, a companion to The Library of America's Reporting Civil Rights, presents the reporters and journalism of the American Civil Rights Movement.

James Baldwin | There is absolutely no reason to suppose that white people are better equipped to frame the laws by which I am to be governed than I am.  It is entirely unacceptable that I should have no voice in the political affairs of my own country, for I am not a ward of America; I am one of the first Americans to arrive on these shores. [Continue to The Timeline]

Timeline 1941-1973 is an overview of the Civil Rights Movement, with information about media coverage of key events. For detailed portraits of reporters and writers who covered the Civil Rights Movement, visit Reporters and Writers. In Perspectives on Reporting, reporters remember and reflect on the experience of reporting the Movement. Reporting Civil Rights: The LOA Anthology contains the full table of contents and other details about The Library of America's Reporting Civil Rights.


This site is a work in progress. We do not claim to describe all events of relevance or to feature all journalists of note. The Library of America welcomes suggestions for strengthening this site. Write to: info@reportingcivilrights.org.

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